Durban Deep - Caring for the Orphans

Caring for the orphaned children from a local government school in Durban Deep became the passion and focus of the Cornerstone Church of the Nazarene in Horizon, Roodepoort, South Africa.  When Pastor Naas Tredoux launched an outreach to the community. He began by asking the community schools if there was anything the church could do to make a difference in the lives of the children.  Initially, the plan was to work with a school more in the direct community, but when it was suggested the church explore helping a very needy school with many orphaned children, it was clear this was where God wanted to the church to focus.

This partnership with Durban Deep began in September 2010 when a team of workers came from the United States to help.  For five days this team, along with members of the church, the school was given almost a complete facelift. Chairs, walls and floors were scrubbed, some rooms painted, curtains made and hung, kitchen and other areas repaired to full functioning.

In October, a team of more than twenty adults from the church accompanied almost fifty orphans to the Johannesburg Zoo.  Most of the children had never been to the zoo.  Each adult was able to spend the day visiting the zoo, eating lunch, riding rides and having cool drink and sweets with the children.  This opportunity to build relationship was incredible for the adults and children.

In December, eight orphans from Durban Deep will have the opportunity to go on a Christian youth camp at not cost for a week. It is unfortunate more children can't attend and have an experience most likely not available to them.

by Dr Denise Anderson

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